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At Bowlers Headquarters, we’ve got one goal – to offer everything you need as a bowler.

Bowlers Headquarters staff is unmatched in the Milwaukee Bowling community with Hall of Fame credentials, regional staff endorsements, coaching certifications, and best personality awards (you can judge).

Featuring a large retail space dedicated to bowling in Milwaukee and a large amount of inventory, Bowlers Headquarters is a full service bowling pro shop. We offer a wide range of everything you need to take your bowling game to the next level. Whether you are looking for a new bowling ball, bowling shoes, bowling ball bag, accessories, or even some expert advice, we will have what you want and when you want it. Don’t wait 2-3 weeks on a product to be ready for pickup when we have it all here. We also offer SAME DAY DRILLING. We take pride in our customers’ success, so we make sure to provide you with the best customer service. Come visit us today at Bowlers Headquarters!

Some of the Main Services We Offer Include

Performance Fitting/Drilling

BHQ has a substantial amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to measuring hands for that perfect fit and precisely drilling those measurements into your bowling ball. From conventional to full fingertip with one hand or two, we will make sure your equipment feels and performs great.


BHQ offers top tier coaching from our staff who is very active in the Milwaukee bowling community. If you’re just beginning and want to learn the basics or getting ready to compete at a regional level – our coaching staff would love to help you achieve your goals. We also offer group lessons and virtual lessons.

Bowling Ball Plug/Re-drilling

BHQ can plug and re-drill your bowling ball for many reasons. If you’re looking for a new fit, new reaction or if you’ve gotten your bowling ball second hand, we can provide you with the same great fit to maximize your bowling game.

Bowling Ball Maintenance

BHQ offers all maintenance you would need for your bowling ball. We can start with a basic cleaning, sanding or polishing to bring back that factory surface or if it needs a ‘spa day’ we also offer resurfacing and detox to remove the oil from the coverstock. Our experts can also determine if any surface damage to your ball can be repaired.

Interchangeable Thumb Installation

BHQ takes performance fitting to the next level by offering Interchangeable Thumb systems which ensures the same size for your thumb in each ball and can be switched out as needed so you have the same fit in every bowling ball.

Our staff has the experience and knowledge to get you the right equipment and the proper fit with exceptional attention to detail.



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